Ripon Cathedral

A Regal Delight at Ripon Cathedral

Ripon Cathedral

Ripon Cathedral is a simply stunning setting and a fabulous addition to our big wedding show portfolio.

Dating back to 672, this historic building never fails to impress with the breath-taking architecture hitting you between the eyes from the moment you walk through the doors.

We organised our first ever wedding show at this Grade I listed venue, formerly known as Ripon Minster, in 2023 and the day was everything we hoped for and more.

70 wedding suppliers will once again come together at Ripon Cathedral on Saturday 10th February 2024.

Sunday services obviously dictates the timing of the event which does differ from our usual scheduling.

The day may have changed but rest assured everything else you have come to expect over the years from a wedding fayre organised by The UK Wedding Event remains the same.

We will have two fabulous catwalk shows up against an awe-inspiring backdrop along with live music, food and entertainment.

Click here to secure tickets for the event or use this link to reserve a stand if you are a wedding suppliers who would like to be part of it.

The Grand York Wedding Fayre Floor Plan | Sunday 26th May

The following wedding suppliers have signed up for our big Ripon Cathedral Show on Saturday 10th Februrary 2024.

Click HERE to book to exhibit too or send us a message if you have any questions before committing to the line-up:

If you are part of an engaged couple or have friends and family getting married, it couldn't be easier to pre-book tickets to attend our big wedding event at Ripon Cathedral.

Everything you could possibly wish for can be found under one roof on one single day, with 70 wedding suppliers taking part.

Our two catwalk shows at 11.45am & 1.20pm get bigger and better every time, while musical acts hit the right notes with performances on the main stage.

Put simply this is one show you won't want to miss.

Take advantage of discounted e-tickets now by booking in advance.

Children under-16 are also admitted to the event free of charge.

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