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Adrian Salamon Magic
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Adrian Salamon is a Close-Up Wedding Magician based in North Yorkshire. He has spent years honing his craft to amaze audiences at private events of all shapes and sizes.

Professional, passionate, and personable, his services are perfect for entertaining during the wedding breakfast, during the photo session, and during the evening wedding reception.

Adrian performs modern close-up magic that will leave all ages amazed, enhancing their memories of your special day. He will mix and mingle with the guests and help bring groups together to witness some spectacular entertainment.

A close-up magician performing for you and your guests can be a surprisingly cost-effective way to dazzle your event, being amazing value for money for the many benefits you receive, including:

“Breaking the ice”- great among guests who do not know one another. People will gather around and start discussing what they have seen, creating a common talking point.
Filling in any dead time such as when you are getting photography taken for example.
Being affordable – compared to many other forms of entertainment, a Magician is great value for money
A wedding magician provides big thrills but takes up little space, therefore easy to add to your event compared to many other forms of entertainment. What is not to like?
So, get in contact today and book knowing Adrian will help your guests to relax and enjoy your day to the fullest, filling your day with that extra little magic