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Racing against the clock

August 10, 2015

So the time is now 2am in the morning, and I’m sat here typing up this blog entry after getting through a list of things to do as long as my arm!

The reason I’m awake and banging away on my keyboard to talk to you is pretty obvious, The UK Wedding Event at York Racecourse is quite literally just around the corner.

You would think that with my previous experience of putting on a show of this scale, the lead-up to our big day this time would be a little less stressful.

It never works out that way though does it?! There is always something else to do, another idea to try and implement or indeed another problem to find a solution for.

Upon arrival at our wedding fayre on Sunday, brides-to-be will be greeted by a sparkling reception, their own goody bag and handed a bridal magazine with details on our exhibitors and what there is to see.

It’s a formula we have used in the past without a worry including last big October’s show in York, which attracted over 900 visitors, so naturally I thought it would be a similar experience this time. Mistake number one!

I don’t know about you, but I really do like to have control of situations, so when I’m having to rely on others, my stress levels can start to feel like they are about to go through the roof.

However, from a practical point of view, you simply can’t go through life without the support and expertise of other people as much as you might want to.

I’m going to go off at a tangent here as well, given that this is a blog about weddings and love, and link that thought process to marriage and companionship.

As we grow older and make more and more important choices, the need to share our lives with that special someone becomes a greater priority, and that is why many of you are here reading this article and hopefully planning to join us on Sunday (22nd March) at The UK Wedding Event.

Getting back on track to my original point, this last few weeks has been all about waiting, and waiting, and waiting for something to happen (Ed note – A bit like my rambling story)!

First it was the delivery to York Racecourse of our giant advertising sign promoting The UK Wedding Event. It was 10ft wide and 5ft high, so not a small banner or indeed something a courier could lose easily?! Well you best think again, as that is exactly what happened. I even had to get the sign company to reprint a new one to post out, and this time the sign reached it’s destination a day later!

Clearly at the time it was no laughing matter, but when you get a call a day later from the racecourse telling you another sign has been delivered (the original one which the couriers had lost, finally turned up), you couldn’t help but chuckle as we ended up getting two signs for the price of one!

Was that a “sign” that my luck with printers was changing? Afraid again not a chance, with just days to spare I get informed that their printer isn’t working properly on the production of the bridal magazine!

I’m pleased to say that delay hasn’t stopped us from getting the magazine ready in time for Sunday’s show, despite the worry it caused me earlier in the week.

Now you may be sat at home reading this and thinking, what has this got to do with my wedding and the fantastic exhibitors I will get to see on Sunday? And the answer is quite a bit!

It goes without saying that the lead-up to your wedding day is one to truly saviour and enjoy.

However, please bear in mind that you won’t always get what you want, whether that’s because the photographer is unavailable for the date you have selected or because the ring you love is out of your budget.

You simply can’t afford to let the pressure of planning the occasion cloud what is really worth. Be flexible, compromise and resourceful, and don’t let the stress of the experience take away from what really matters, because in the end, everything will be amazing, if you both are!

Wow, I know very profounded words from a man typing at 3am (Ed – It’s taken him a hour to write – how slow!) I think I need to rest up now, much to do!

Goodbye for now and I’ll hopefully see you all this Sunday at York Racecourse from 10.30am. Oh and remember, you can make a saving by pre-booking your tickets in advance.



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