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Cost To Showcase At Centenary Pavilion, Elland Road, Leeds

Shell Scheme Stand2m x 1m (Limited Availability)£250+VAT
Shell Scheme Stand3m x 1m£285+VAT
Guaranteed Corner Spot Shell Scheme Stand3m x 1m£305+VAT
Shell Scheme Stand3m x 2m£330+VAT
Guaranteed Corner Spot Shell Scheme Stand3m x 2m£385+VAT
Shell Scheme Stand3m x 3m£470+VAT
Shell Scheme Stand6m x 2m£700+VAT
Outdoor ExhibitorCar/Food Spots Only£90+VAT for One Space
Outdoor ExhibitorCar/Food Spots Only £140+VAT for Two Spaces
Outdoor ExhibitorCar/Food Spots Only£185+VAT for Three Spaces

Other bespoke configurations may be available, please contact us for a quote based on your exact requirements.
Also be aware that an extra charge will apply if you require power in your shell scheme stand.
Check out our exhibitors information pack to find out more about our Centenary Pavilion wedding fayre at Elland Road by clicking here.

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