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Big Day Budgeting – Are you Ready?

The average UK wedding currently sits at cost of £22,000, which is a staggering figure that can cause any bride-to-be feel a little anxious about the financial strain of their big day.

When organising any wedding the costs involved can jump as soon as the word ‘wedding’ is involved, and with the UK wedding industry worth £10 billion pounds a year, it seems that getting to grips with the costs as early on as possible can help to ease the financial burden and cause a lot less stress. Knowing the true cost of your wedding can help you plan and maybe even barter your way to wedding day perfection without feeling like you’re spending your life savings.

With the introduction of new wedding cost calculators such as this one, you can go through all of the details that will be included in your wedding to find the budget you’ll need.

Going through every element of organising a wedding, from the venue to the all-important dress, to some of the often forgotten about items such as transport and stationary, you can see the true price and use it as an aid to make your day as special as it should be.
The cost of a wedding can put a lot of pressure on the happy couple for what is meant to be an exciting time, but educating yourself on the price of items and services can make you feel more at ease of what you’re looking for and how to get it.
Just by doing your research you can cut costs dramatically, so don’t just opt for the first thing you see.
Asking friends or relatives for any suggestions may get you a recommendation discount, and we all know that every penny helps when paying for a wedding.
If there are parts of the big day that could be done DIY, then this can also cut unnecessary costs at some of the more frivolous items such as invitations.
Using this wedding calculator, make a list of all the items you are going to need and the items you really want, with the expected price beside them. You can then make it your mission to take one item a week and find ways to get what you want without having to fork out more than you can afford.
There will no doubt always be some costs that will have to remain the same but being proactive about cutting costs is a savvy way to get your dream day, at a fraction of the price.