Six Of The Best Ideas For A UK Based Stag Do

Six Ideas for Planning the Best UK Based Stag Do

Guest Blogger Ella Hendrix offers some food for thoughts for guys seeking something a little bit different to do with their pals before they tie the knot.

One of the most important things when you are planning a wedding is the stag-do. Whether you are seeing it as your last evening of freedom before the big day, or just a time to celebrate your friendship with your mates, getting your stag do right is important. Regardless of what you decide to do, you want to make sure that your stag-do is remembered for all of the right reasons, and not because it was badly planned, badly executed and, frankly, a bit rubbish.

A good stag-do doesn’t have to mean, however, just a night out drinking – or a two week trip to Vegas. There is plenty that you can do that is fun and affordable to everyone, and that will be something that stays in memories forever.

The best stag-dos are in the planning. If it’s well planned, the fun just makes itself. You can spend more time enjoying yourself, with less stress and doing what a stag-do is all about – hanging out with your mates and making it memorable. So, here are six ideas, which could make your stag-do THE one that people always talk about.

1. Coach Trip

Why not try a coach tour around the UK? The UK has so much to offer and a coach tour could be not only be a great way to see some it, bond with your mates and have new experiences, there are loads to choose from.

You can let someone else organise all of the details like where you’re staying, how you’re getting there – and even some of the entertainment.

You could take in a cruise down the Thames, enjoy a night out in Manchester, or get the authentic British seaside experience n the English Riviera.

A coach trip is not only affordable but can offer you something fun and unique.

2. Spirit Tasting

If drinking’s your thing you could set the night off in style, with a spirit tasting session. If you see yourself as an expert on all things alcoholic, why not indulge and get things started with a spirit session?
You can learn about different whiskeys, do blind tastings and discuss the intricacies of different types of gin. Or you can just enjoy sampling some top-notch spirts.

Whether you like vodka, gin, whiskey or rum, a spirit tasting session is the perfect way to start off an inebriated evening in an (almost) sensible fashion.

3. Hovercraft Racing

For the competitive amongst you, hovercraft racing is not only your chance of a lifetime to drive powerful hovercrafts on land, but also find out who’s the best (and worse) amongst your mates.

It’s unlikely that many of your stags will have tried hovercraft racing before, so this is your chance to see who really has raw talent for driving. Hovercrafts aren’t that easy to control, and you could guarantee yourselves an afternoon of hilarity, outdoor fun, and brazen competition if that’s your bag.

4. James Bond 007 Experience

Everyone secretly wants to be James Bond. The 007 experience gives you and your stags a chance to enjoy all the fun parts of his life – whether its shooting (paintball), negotiating trails on quadbikes, working out how to get across a swamp, car chases, helicopter rides or wine tasting – all washed down with enough cheesy catchphrases to sink a ship.

If you and your mates have grown up with Bond, this is the way to go to make your stag-do something that you’ll never forget.

5. Cliff Jumping

If abseiling, clay pigeon shooting or white water rafting isn’t enough of an adrenaline rush for you, cliff jumping might be right up your street.

It isn’t for the faint hearted and it takes a special kind of stag to be able to climb to the top of the highest cliffs and then jump off into the abyss. Of course, those who aren’t keen to jump can always stay on dry land and take photos – not that they’ll be needed – there’ll be no chance of forgetting this one!

6. Hit up a new city

Britain’s cities have loads to offer and more. So why not check out a new city, its nightlife, different experiences and make a weekend of it? Cities like Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton and Edinburgh are the ideal places for a stag-do that will stay in your memory forever.

They all have a load of activities to do by day and a pulsating nightlife to suit every kind of party.

Whether it’s your stag-do, or you’ve got the responsibility of planning and organising one there is something out there for every group. So, get creative, start planning, and make sure that you come up with something that none of you will ever forget.